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In 2013-2014, PHU Jeznach financed and participated in the project of construction of a segmented wind power plant with a vertical axis according to the patent of Waldemar Piskorz. The research work resulted in the creation of a segmented vertical structure of the wind turbine. It is a structure completely developed in Poland and the first of its kind in the world.
Interested in wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation, among others foreign investors from Germany, England, Russia and even Asia. There is also great interest in this type of devices in Poland.

Basic advantages of the developed wind farm:

- Polish patent / Polish production

- transport by standard means of road transport
- modular construction, allowing to build units with a power adapted to the needs of the recipient
- start-up that does not require additional engines, start at a wind force of 1 m / s
- operation of the power plant independent of the wind direction
- annual work efficiency approx. 40%
- no the need to stop the power plant in the event of hurricane winds, because operation possible with winds up to 55 m / s (200 km / h)
- the power of a single turbine ranges from 15 to 20 kW
- the manufacturer estimates the turbine's service life to be 50 years
- from one MW of installed power it is possible production at the level of 2,000 MWh / year
- the required average wind is approx. 4 m / s - higher wind provides even more profit

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