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Effects of use: STYMJOD
  • More intensive growth of the root system, stalks and leaves, as well as fruit;
  • Increased resistance of plants to unfavorable weather conditions: draught, frost,  hailstorm;
  • Faster regeneration after stress;
  • Optimization of fertilizer doses (decrease to 30% according to research)
  • Improved quality parameters of crops and their structure 
  • STYMJOD can be mixed with pesticides, provided that a test mixture has shown no undesirable effects. 
Note 1:
the best results in terms of crop height and quality are achieved by using Apol-Humus (in the early spring) + STYMJOD (in the growing season);
Note 2:
after applying STYMJOD, there is no need to use other fertilizers containing nano-components.   


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