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The experience gained in the construction of segment wind farms in 2013-2015 allowed PHU Jezny to develop and build an innovative diffuser (patent application no. P-407921).   

Inventors of new solutions in the construction of wind farms are heading towards increasing the efficiency of these devices. Increasing the efficiency of wind farms is possible by providing more wind, with a higher speed than the speed outside the elements introducing the air stream onto the rotor blades.

This property was used by Adam Jeznach when designing a diffuser for wind turbines, a device in which the flow channel decreases with the cross-section. The decreasing cross-section increases the air flow velocity, and consequently the kinetic energy increases. The diffuser in question is dedicated to a segmented wind farm with a vertical axis of rotation. It consists of stationary nozzles profiled with an appropriate radius, arranged in series around the entire circle, in relation to the rotor axis.

The conducted research led to the creation of a diffuser with an optimal shape, which significantly increases the speed and mass of air supplied to the rotor blades. The device has been submitted to the Patent Office under the number P-407921.

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