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Nano-fertilizer SIL – Org
Liquid organic-mineral silicon-organic nano-fertilizer for foliar application

SIL - Org is a unique, liquid nano-organic-mineral fertilizer in the form of a concentrate, designed for foliar application and fertigation in the cultivation of agricultural and horticultural crops, in the field and under covers.

SIL - Org is produced by nanotechnology in a device that generates the cold plasma phenomenon. The specially prepared solution consists of complexed compounds of silicon, potassium, nitrogen, amino acids and other organic compounds subjected to the cold plasma process. The resulting unique SIL - Org concentrate is highly soluble in water, and its components are readily available to plants. The components of SIL - Org are appropriately complexed to enhance the structural stability of plants and the formation of defense mechanisms against adverse environmental factors including disease and pest resistance and tolerance to water stress, salinity, sunburn, shading, frost or high temperature.

It is recommended to use SIL - Org:
- During intensive growth of plant biomass,
- During the period of phosphorus unavailability at the beginning of the growing season,
- Before expected frost or prolonged drought
- immediately after flowering of the plants alternately with calcium

The use of SIL - Org does not cause any undesirable symptoms on plants.
Nano - nawóz SIL - Org<
Skład: SIL – Org
(NO3-NH4) w.m.
Silicon (SiO2)
Organic carbon (C)
Total organic matter
5,74 %/l 5,2 %/l 9,9 %/l 9.0 %/l 57 %/l 6,9 %/l

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