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We also sell pellets.

Pellets are solid fuel in the form of granules. It is obtained from biomass.
We burn pellets mainly in individual and collective heating installations.
It is mainly produced from wood waste as well as from waste and agricultural by-products. Both deciduous and coniferous trees are used for the production of pellets. It can be burned in power plants, combined heat and power plants, households and small boiler rooms belonging to bakeries, production plants or schools.
Our pellets are made of softwood sawdust without impurities. This product burns well, leaves no agglomerates, and is characterized by high calorific value.

We are A1 + class.
Combustion heat 18.7 MJ / kg. Moisture 7.5%, sulfur content is 0.05.
Pellet granulation 6 mm.
Pellets are produced in cooperation with a Belarusian partner.

We invite you to cooperation.

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