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Schedule of application of STYMJOD
Annual plants:
  • First application – upon formation of crop cover;
  • Second application -  before blossoming in plants, in which the main crops are seeds or fruit. In addition, application can be repeated 2 to 3 weeks after blossoming, in the period of intensive growth of seeds or fruit. Attention: for plants, in which the main crop is the vegetative organ:
  • the second application for plants, in which the main crop is the vegetative organ (e.g. lettuce and cabbage, onion, potatoes, beets etc.), in the initial phase of intensive growth of the harvested organ. In addition, application can be repeated 2-3 weeks later, in the phase of further growth of the vegetative organ. 

Perennial plants (shrubs, fruit plants) – 3 applications in the vegetation period.
  • first application: upon formation of crop cover in the row, before blossoming (e.g. strawberries - Fragaria) or in the green bud stage (e.g. apple and pear trees etc.)
  • second application: after blossoming, during the first phase of intensive fruit growth
  • third application: 2-4 weeks after the first application, during further intensive fruit growth. Application can be repeated for plants, which have reached 30-40% of the target fruit size. 

Spraying is to be performed on dry leaves in the morning or before evening, as well as during the day in cloudy weather. Do not apply STYMJOD if the air temperature is too high (above 25 Celsius degrees) or under intense  sunshine.

Single dose of STYMJOD preparation:
  • for annual plants 3-5 l/ha (two foliar treatments per season)
  • for perennial plants 4-5 l/ha, (three foliar treatments per season).
  • non-professional cultivation – wetting of plants: 1,5 % water solution      (dose: 1,5  l STYMJOD per 100 l water)
The dose of STYMJOD should always be consulted with a Representative of the Manufacturer or the Distributor in order to adjust it to the current condition of the plant and environmental conditions. 

Liquid preparation: Before pouring STYMJOD into the sprayer tank, mix the fertilizer in original packaging by shaking it vigorously. Fill the sprayer tank with water to the level of 50% of the desired liquid volume. Then add the appropriate amount of STYMJOD for the cultivation area and recommended doses. Add water to fill the tank.

Caution: If the preparation gets into the eyes, wash them with plenty of water. In the case of contamination of skin, wash thoroughly using soap under running water. Store in the original, tightly sealed container, in a cool place, away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Keep away from children and animals.   

Shelf life: 18 months after production date.
Storage temperature: from +5 to +30 C°

Date of production, expiration date and serial number can be found on the package. 

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