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Nano-fertilizer CAL - Org
Liquid organic-mineral calcium-organic nano-fertilizer for foliar application.

CAL - Org
is a unique liquid nano-fertilizer, organic-mineral in the form of a concentrate, designed for foliar application and fertigation in the cultivation of agricultural and horticultural crops, in the field and under covers.

CAL - Org is produced by nanotechnology in a device that generates the cold plasma phenomenon. The specially prepared solution consists of formulated calcium, potassium, nitrogen, amino acids and other organic compounds subjected to the cold plasma process. The resulting unique CAL - Org concentrate is well soluble in water, and its components are readily supplied to plants.

The components of CAL - Org are appropriately complexed so as to increase normal plant growth and development, as well as strength and resistance to disease and environmental stress associated with calcium deficiency, especially during the period of intensive growth of fruit and vegetative organs. It is recommended to apply CAL - Org during intensive growth of plant biomass including vegetative organs and fruit, and to protect plants from excessive solar radiation, as well as to improve fruit firmness and shelf life during storage and also during transport. The use of recommended doses of CAL - Org does not cause any undesirable symptoms on plants.
Nano - nawóz CAL - Org<
Composition: CAL - Org  
(NO3-NH4), %/w.m.

Potassium (K2O)
Organic carbon (C)
Total organic matter
(% d.m.)
L- Aminoacids
11,2%/l 13,86 %/l >0,5 %/l 7,2%/l 87,0% 6,8 %

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